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Splitit is a leader in global payment solutions that enables you to pay for purchases with your existing credit/debit card (card). The full purchase amount is split into three interest-free monthly payments. Because it uses your existing card, there is no need for additional registrations or applications.

SplitIt is only available on selected IQOS products. Eligible products are identified with the Splitit logo across our website.
The costs for products not eligible for Splitit will simply be added to your first payment. This may include costs for express delivery services or tobacco sticks.
  1. Simply add an eligible IQOS product to your shopping cart
  2. Choose the Splitit payment option during checkout
  3. Fill out your personal details including your card details 
  4. Submit your order and complete checkout
  5. Congratulations, your order has been placed and you will receive an email confirmation.
Your card will be authorised for the full amount of your purchase once we confirm your shipment. Your credit card will then be charged on Day 0 or once we confirm your shipment for the first installment. Then you will be charged on day 30 for the second payment, and then again on day 60 for the final payment. 

Credit Card:
At the time of purchase and once we confirm the shipment, your card with be authorised for the full amount of your purchase and will be charged for the first payment amount. The remaining balance will be held on the credit card until the final payment is made. After each monthly payment, the amount held from the available balance will reduce to the new remaining balance. 

Debit Card:
When using a debit card, the entire amount will be held on the card as a temporary hold for five business days.

Your order will only be processed once your card issuer authorises your purchase.
You will not be able to change your payment method once your order has been processed.
Yes, you can. You can do this by logging into Splitit shopper portal from the Splitit website, or you can contact the Splitit customer care team directly by emailing
There are no interest charges or fees with Splitit. However, payments are charged to your credit card so interest or charges may be applied by your card issuer.
There are no interest charges or fees with Splitit. However, payments are charged to your credit card so interest or charges may be applied by your card issuer. 
Yes you should receive a confirmation email direct from Splitit each time your card is charged. 
Please choose carefully. We are not required to refund you if you change your mind.
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