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POLi is the online payment option which allows you to use your internet banking facility to safely pay for goods and services purchased on this website. In simple terms, POLi helps you to make an internet banking payment to IQOS in a secure way, and ensures that you get all the payment details right. It does not capture, store or disclose any of your banking details (including account numbers and internet banking logon or passwords).

POLi is a great alternative if you do not use credit cards, or for those who have a credit card but prefer a direct bank payment method. When you use POLi to complete your purchase everything is done within the security of your online banking facility, at no time are you required to disclose your personal banking details to any third party, including POLi.

1. During check-out, choose to pay with internet banking/POLi
2. Select your bank and follow the prompts to ensure you have installed the POLi web browser (you only have to do this once)
3. Complete your payment within your internet banking facility

New Zealand banks which support POLi include:
• Kiwibank
• Westpac

There is no cost to make payments using POLi, although your bank may apply fees for electronic funds transfers.

During a POLi transaction, no one can access or see any of the details displayed by your Internet banking site (e.g. account numbers and internet banking logon or passwords). This information remains secure within your bank’s environment. It is important to remember that when using POLi, you only ever exchange sensitive information directly with your bank. In this sense, POLi is unlike other online payment methods, such as online credit card transactions where your information is passed via a series of third parties.

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