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IQOS CARE PLUS is a membership program that provides members access to a set of additional services. Members of the IQOS CARE PLUS program benefit from:

  • Accidental Damage Coverage - one accidental damage replacement per registered single line up item (SLU)*
  • IQOS Coach support (for heat-not-burn devices only)
  • International Assistance
  • IQOS Exchange (a one-off opportunity to exchange your Philip Morris heat-not-burn Device (e.g. IQOS 3) for a Philip Morris e-cigarette Device (e.g. IQOS VEEV) or vice versa for the duration of the voluntary warranty period)
  • IQOS News
*SLU – Single Line Up item, i.e. Pocket Charger, Holder, IQOS 3 MULTI device

You are only eligible for membership of IQOS CARE PLUS if:
(i) you are an IQOS user aged 18 years and over, and you and your device are both registered at; and
(ii) you reside in NZ (the main residence should be in a country where IQOS CARE PLUS is available)

To become a member of IQOS CARE PLUS, you need to:
  1. Be a smoker or vaper aged 18 years and over and an IQOS user
  2. Be registered in the IQOS database at
  3. Register your device and its components in our database; and
  4. Accept terms and conditions of the program

There are two ways to enrol in IQOS CARE PLUS:
  1. Enrol through the IQOS website or;
  2. Enrol by calling our Customer Care Team on 0800 810 433 or via an IQOS Coach
  • We will activate your membership immediately, as long as your 12-month IQOS voluntary warranty is valid.
  • You become a member of IQOS CARE PLUS by accepting the terms and conditions of the program. If you register additional devices or components in the database, you do not need to accept our terms and conditions again.

IQOS CARE PLUS membership is free.
In some circumstances, certain call charges may apply for IQOS CARE PLUS International Assistance.

As long as your device is still under warranty and you have been enrolled in IQOS CARE PLUS, your device is covered by the program.

If you have created an account on and registered your device, you can log into your account, click on ‘My Devices’ and check your device’s IQOS CARE PLUS expiration date.

You can also contact our Customer Care Team to check.

As per the IQOS CARE PLUS terms and conditions, you are eligible for one accidental damage claim per registered device for the duration of the IQOS voluntary warranty period. Previous replacements outside of the IQOS CARE PLUS program do not affect your coverage.

All IQOS Club Members benefit automatically from IQOS CARE PLUS and the coverage is valid within the remaining duration of the IQOS voluntary warranty period of the device.

If you have enrolled into IQOS CARE PLUS and your device is still under warranty, your device is entitled to one free accidental damage replacement during the coverage period. If you are not enrolled in IQOS CARE PLUS or have already had a replacement for accidental damage for this device, then the replacement will not be performed.

Yes, you will need to return the damaged device.

No, the IQOS Exchange service can only be used once.

You may terminate your participation at any time, with immediate effect, by notifying our Customer Care Team at 0800 810 433 or

No, transfer of the IQOS CARE PLUS membership is not possible.

  • IQOS Care Plus provides you with the comfort that if you accidentally damage your IQOS device, you will get a replacement.
  • This coverage cannot be used for lost or stolen devices, cosmetic damage (e.g. scratches).
  • The coverage applies only once per registered SLU* item.
*SLU – Single Line Up item, i.e. Pocket Charger, Holder, IQOS 3 MULTI device

No, after the first Accidental Damage Coverage claim is settled, the cover for Accidental Damage for a given SLU* item ends.

Your coverage for other services (IQOS Coach, IQOS Exchange and International Assistance) will continue until the end of the coverage period.

*SLU – Single Line Up item, i.e. Pocket Charger, Holder, IQOS 3 MULTI device

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