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How can I check the charge level of the battery?
You can easily check the charge level by following these simple steps:

1. Press IQOS 3 MULTI Button for 1 second (short press)
2. The battery status lights will turn on and indicate the level of charge:
4 LEDs = more than 75% charged
1 LED = low charge. Need to charge
How long does it take to fully charge the device?
It takes approximately 75 minutes to fully charge the IQOS 3 MULTI from an electrical outlet. Only charge IQOS 3 MULTI device using the supplied AC Power Adaptor and USB Cable.
Should I always fully charge the battery on my IQOS 3 MULTI?
The IQOS 3 MULTI device does not require a full charge to work, however, we recommend to fully charge the device before the first usage. A fully charged IQOS 3 MULTI can be used 10 times without before needing to be recharged.
How can I reset my IQOS device?
You can easily reset your IQOS 3 MULTI device by pressing and holding the button for 10 seconds and then releasing. During the 10 seconds the device will vibrate once. Keep the button held down until the lights fade out. Press the button again and the lights will fade in confirming a reset.
What do device vibrations mean?
IQOS 3 MULTI vibrations are activated in the following situations:

- At the start of the heating process (one second after pressing the button to start) - one vibration
- When the tobacco stick has been heated and is ready to be used - two vibrations
- When the experience is nearly complete (30 seconds prior the end of the tobacco session) - two vibrations
What do the lights on my IOQS 3 Multi mean?
Any white light indicates that the device performs various operations, like charging, re-initialization, ready to use, fully charged etc. Any red light indicates that there is a device error or device operates outside its operating temperature (0 - 50°C).

Please, perform a reset of your device and try again.
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You can reach us by using the contact form here, and additional contact options can be found within the support section. You can also visit your nearest IQOS Store who will also be happy to help.
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