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What is IQOS MESH?
IQOS MESH is a pod-system vaping product. The unique IQOS MESH Heating Technology delivers a consistent vape every time because it is designed to prevent overheating or burnt liquid.

Because we know that convenience is as important as experience, we've ensured that you can use your IQOS MESH device without having to press a button.
What is the difference between IQOS MESH and traditional vaping devices?
Unlike most vaping devices that use a wick and coil heating element, IQOS MESH contains a German-made MESH heater that is in constant contact with the e-liquid for a consistent vaping experience.

Every IQOS MESH battery includes three protection levels designed to prevent overheating, short-circuiting and pressure build-up.
How does the device know when I run low on e-liquid?
The IQOS MESH device is equipped with a Low Liquid Detection System that automatically shuts off the heating element when the e-liquid in the capsule is too low for it to operate correctly. This eliminates potential e-liquid overheating, contributing to optimal vapour delivery.

A red status LED light indicates that the capsule is nearly empty and must be replaced.
Does IQOS MESH comply with EU safety requirements?
The IQOS MESH device complies with EU Consumer Electronic Safety Requirements indicated by the “CE" (European Conformity) symbols on the packaging.
What is the battery charging duration of the IQOS MESH
The IQOS MESH battery is designed for full day use on a single charge*.

*Based on consumption of one capsule per day.
How do I check the charge level of the battery?
A short press on the button whilst the device is on shows the current battery level. It is also displayed for few seconds when you turn on the device.

When charge level is:
Below 5% - the battery LED light is quickly flashing white
Above 6% - the battery LED light is slowly flashing white
How will I know that my battery is fully charged?
When the device is fully charged, the battery light will switch off after being solid white for few seconds.

How long does it take to charge the IQOS MESH device for the first time?
A full charge of battery connected to an approved IQOS AC Power Adaptor takes approximately 90 minutes. Charging is indicated by a pulsing white battery light.
How can I perform a soft reset of my IQOS MESH device?
In the event of the status or battery light flashing red, you can reset your device by doing the following:
1. Press and hold the button for 15 seconds
2. Release the button

Both the status and battery lights will flash to confirm a reset has taken place and the device will then be switched off.
What does a red light on my IQOS MESH mean?
If the status light is red, then either your VEEV flavour cap is inserted incorrectly, or it’s empty and needs to be replaced with a new one.

If the battery light is red, this means that the battery is empty. Please recharge using the supplied AC Power Adaptor and USB Cable.

If the status or battery light is flashing red, there is either a device or a charging error. Please try to reset your device.
What should I do if my IQOS MESH device is not working?
In the event of any issue, please try to reset your device:
1. Press and hold the button for 15 seconds
2. Release the button

Both the status and battery lights will flash to confirm a reset has taken place and the device will then be switched off.

If the above reset procedure does not resolve the issue, please stop using/charging the device and contact our Customer Care Team
In which countries are IQOS MESH and VEEV flavour caps available?
IQOS MESH and VEEV flavour caps are currently available only in the UK and New Zealand.
Where are IQOS MESH products manufactured?
IQOS MESH Heating Technology is designed and developed by Philip Morris International in Switzerland. The device is produced in Malaysia, the atomizer is produced in Germany and the VEEV flavour capsules are produced in the EU.

Additional information: IQOS MESH is the result of more than five years of scientific research and development in Switzerland.
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