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How to pair your IQOS VEEV.

Enable Bluetooth connectivity on your IQOS VEEV by pressing the device button three times.

In the app, allow access to the device’s location.

Navigate to the Devices tab and tap on the “ADD NEW” button if you are pairing the device for the first time. Then, follow the instructions on the screen.

If the device has already been paired, just select “PAIR”.

Learn how to pair your device

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How to unlock your IQOS VEEV.

Through the IQOS App, you can lock your IQOS VEEV device to prevent others from accessing it. You can unlock it using the IQOS App any time.

In the app, go to the Devices tab and look for the device by swiping left or right.

Tap “LOCK/UNLOCK” in the top right corner of the screen.

Note, the device will not lock itself automatically after each use. You will need to do so manually.

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If you're having trouble unlocking your IQOS VEEV.

Check your device is paired to the app via Bluetooth. You can check this in the Devices section.

If the app shows “Device Connected”, find the “UNLOCK” button (top right of screen).

If the app shows “Device Not Connected”, it means you need to pair it.

Man with a gold IQOS Duo and a mobile in his hands

How to reset your IQOS VEEV.

Press the button for approximately 10 seconds and release.

A few vibrations and blinking lights will confirm the reset of IQOS VEEV device.

If you want to start using the device, IQOS VEEV will be already ON.

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