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Gold IQOS Duo on a wooden table
IQOS charging slowly Gold IQOS DUO on a wooden table

My IQOS 3 MULTI is charging too slowly.

1. Make sure you’re using the official IQOS cable and AC Power Adapter. Charging your IQOS from a computer USB port or using a third-party cable can be up to 4 times less effective.

2. If your IQOS 3 MULTI is already fully charged when you connect it to a power supply, the status light may flash. This is normal. If your IQOS 3 MULTI is completely out of battery, you might need to plug it in with the AC Adapter for up to 20 minutes before any status lights appear.

How to charge your IQOS

Man with a gold IQOS Duo and a mobile in his hands

How to reset your IQOS 3 MULTI.

If your IQOS 3 MULTI is fully charged but still not working, then the next step is to reset it.

Press and hold the button on your charger for approximately 10 seconds. When the lights start to fade, keep the button pressed for two more seconds. As you release the button, you’ll see all the lights flash white.

Man with a gold IQOS Duo and a mobile in his hands

Aerosol delivery is not very good.

Your IQOS 3 MULTI might need a clean.

1. Wait for your device to cool down, before sliding the cap off.

2. Insert the IQOS cleaning tool and rotate gently. If you do this regularly, you’ll reduce any tobacco build-up.

3. As some parts of your device, including the heating chamber, can't be accessed with the cleaning tool, use your cleaning sticks instead. Use them gently to avoid breaking or damaging the blade.

Two people at a table bar, one holds his IQOS device and the other uses his phone
Two people at a table bar, one holds his IQOS device and the other uses his phone

There’s more useful information in our IQOS 3 MULTI User Guide.

Download your copy of our IQOS 3 MULTI User Guide here.

IQOS 3 MULTI User Guide

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