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To make your day to day life with IQOS really easy, we have created an extensive service package for you to enjoy tailored support and coverage.


IQOS CARE PLUS provides you with the comfort that even if you accidentally damage your IQOS you will get a replacement.
If you are having trouble with your IQOS device please call our Customer Care Team for troubleshooting, diagnostic and replacement services.


Switch between IQOS Heated Tobacco System and IQOS VEEV to find the right IQOS device for you.


IQOS International Assistance is a service providing you with assistance 24/7 whilst you are travelling. You can access services for device troubleshooting and replacement while travelling in selected countries where IQOS is available.

How to sign up

1. Link your device with your account
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Frequently asked questions

Looking for some support?

Help is not far away. Visit our support section to learn how to use, charge, and clean your IQOS, and find useful tips. We also have troubleshooting advice for common issues.

IQOS Support

Still have questions?

Our dedicated Customer Care team is here for you Monday – Friday, 9AM – 6PM

IQOS Live Chat

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Get in touch via email and we'll reply as soon as we can.

IQOS Phone Support

Want to speak to our Customer Care team? Call us at 0800 810 433

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