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On average, a single VEEV pod can last up to one and a half days.

Important: Discounts apply only when ordering 4 pods/fortnight or 8 pods/monthly on the Casual plan and 10pods/fortnight or 20 pods/monthly on the Regular Plan.

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What is Auto Delivery?
How do I sign up for Auto Delivery?
  1. Choose an Auto Delivery plan that best fits you:
    • Casual: Suitable for a social vaper or nicotine user
    • Regular: Suitable for a daily vaper or nicotine user
    • Flexible (Tobacco sticks): Pay based on what you choose.
  2. Set up your plan by selecting your everyday essentials and then choose how often you’d like them delivered.
  3. Add the plan to your shopping cart, go through the checkout process and finish setting up your Auto Delivery plan.
How many everyday essentials can I get delivered?
What discounts are available?
How often can I have my everyday essentials delivered?
When does my credit card get charged?
How will I know when my order is on its way?
How do I cancel my Auto Delivery plan?
More frequently asked questions.
How do I change my current plan?
Can I pause or take a break from my Auto Deliver plan?
How do I see what's in my order and my delivery dates?
How can I add more items to my plan?
What happens if my credit card is declined?
How do I change my credit card details?
Can I use promotional offers or special deals with Auto Delivery?
What if an item in my Auto Delivery order is out of stock or no longer available?

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