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Vaping Regulations and you – Changes coming to the New Zealand e-cigarette market

Vaping Regulations and you – Changes coming to the New Zealand e-cigarette market.

As vapers across the country are no doubt aware, the Central Government announced that it will be regulating the e-cigarette market in 2020 to bring it in line with tobacco control laws. These laws passed the Parliament in Wellington in August and will bring a raft of changes to the retail environment for vapes in New Zealand.

For smokers or vapers looking to switch there will be a number of changes that will effect where and how you can buy smoke-free alternatives as well as changes to where you can use smoke free products around the country.

Changes from 11 November 2020

The first changes coming into place are at the beginning of November. For vapers the laws will be similar to those around smoking. No vaping while on public transport, ride sharing services, taxis etc. You also are no longer permitted to vape inside workplaces (this includes restaurants and bars), or around schools or early childcare centres. We know vapers are already a respectful bunch of people so this probably won’t have a big impact upon you.

Big changes from 11 August 2021

In August next year there will be further changes that you’re more likely to notice. From August 2021 only dedicated vape stores, will be able to sell an unlimited range of e-cigarette liquid and heated tobacco flavours. All other places such as petrol stations, supermarkets and dairies will only be able to sell tobacco, menthol and mint flavours.

If you can’t get to our specialty vape store, the good news is that the IQOS website will still have the full range of products available and our auto-delivery service is available. Alternatively, IQOS NOW is also available in selected areas for online purchases for a two hour courier delivery and is a free service for orders over $228.

The full IQOS range will still be available at reputable vape stores. You’ll also be able to find tobacco, menthol and mint variants of IQOS heat not burn and IQOS VEEV at selected retailers.

So there you have it, the major changes that will affect you over the next 12 months under the new laws. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at

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