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How to get started with IQOS VEEV?

• Confirm that you are a smoker or vaper and verify that you are over the age of 18 to unlock your IQOS VEEV before first use.
• If it's not unlocked, the lower and upper lights will be white..
• Unlock with the IQOS App.

• The lights will pulse white for up to 3 minutes to indicate that your IQOS VEEV is ready

• Remove the yellow seal tab before using the VEEV flavour pod.

• Insert the VEEV pod into your IQOS VEEV.
• A quick vibration will confirm that the pod is correctly inserted.

• Once the lights stop pulsing, they will become solid white and show the battery level.
• You can start vaping.

Turn off
• If you don’t vape, IQOS VEEV will automatically turn off after 3 minutes to save battery.
• Alternatively, you can turn off your IQOS VEEV by pressing the button for 1 second, until it vibrates and the lights turn off.

Changing your VEEV pod
• You don’t need to turn off your IQOS VEEV before removing the pod.
• When you insert it, a pulsing light might appear to indicate that it is initialising.
• It is ready to use when the light stops pulsing.
• If you wait more than 3 minutes to insert the pod, your IQOS VEEV will automatically switch off to save battery.
• You will need to press the button for 1 second after inserting the pod to start vaping.

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