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Splitit is an external payment service provider. IQOS offers Splitit as a further payment option for you when purchasing goods from us.

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  1. Splitit is an external service provider and is not part of Philip Morris International, IQOS or affiliates.
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  3. Fees – there are no initial fees* applicable to you for using the Splitit service. *Charges and/or interest may be applied by your credit card issuer.
  4. Splitit will authorise the full amount on your existing credit card (Visa/Mastercard), but only charge you the first instalment up front. Please ensure that your credit limit is sufficient, otherwise your order will not be successful.
  5. Splitit option will only be available on selected IQOS devices.
  6. Splitit cannot be used in conjunction with any other payment option (i.e. Polipay).
  7. You are solely responsible for the security of any data transmitted or entered in conjunction with the use of Splitit.


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