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IQOS 3 Kit + IQOS MESH Kit + VEEV Discovery Collection Bundle $199.00

Your IQOS devices will be automatically covered with IQOS CARE PLUS.



Soft Bronze

IQOS 3 Kit

IQOS 3 Kit

Warm White

VEEV Discovery Collection

VEEV Discovery Collection



This Bundle Includes

  • IQOS 3 Kit
    • 1 IQOS 3 Pocket Charger
    • 1 IQOS 3 Holder
    • 1 IQOS AC power Adaptor
    • 1 USB-C Cable
    • 1 IQOS Cleaning Tool
    • 10 IQOS Cleaning Sticks

    • IQOS MESH Kit
    • 1 IQOS Mesh Device
    • 1 USB Cable
    • 1 IQOS AC Power Adaptor

    • VEEV Discovery Collection
    • 1 VEEV Tobacco Harmony Capsule
    • 1 VEEV Mellow Tobacco Capsule
    • 1 VEEV Cool Peppermint Capsule
    • 1 VEEV Red Berry Fusion Capsule
    • 1 VEEV Passion Fruit Zest Capsule

    IQOS 3

    The IQOS 3 has a compact and ergonomic design. It is enhanced with the new ProtectPlus™ system for improved reliability and protection of your IQOS (shock resistance, performance tests, longer battery life and improved heating chamber). The IQOS 3 holder is the smallest holder we have designed yet. Easy drop insertion with magnetic lock, vibration alerts and 15% faster charging vs. IQOS 2.4 Plus.


    IQOS MESH uses a unique technology designed to provide a consistent vape every time. The IQOS MESH isn’t just a sleek design, it is also tough and durable. Contrasting finishes of brushed and polished aluminium come together in a range of curated colours.

    • No Burnt Taste. Designed to prevent overheating and burnt taste, so you can enjoy a consistent vape every time
    • Convenience. One 90-minute charge lasts a full day (based on average consumption of 1 capsule per day)
    • Swap flavours on the go. Easy On. Easy Off
    • Automatic puff activation after turning on
    • Quality/Safety: Aluminium body for strength and durability in a lightweight device
    • Our triple protection battery prevents overheating, short circuiting and pressure build-up

    VEEV Discovery Collection

    Discover each of our five expertly crafted signature VEEV flavours. The capsules contain high-quality liquids made in the EU, with quality nicotine for purity and food-grade flavourings for authentic taste. Each flavour is available in 2 nicotine levels (11mg or 18mg).

    • Tobacco Harmony – Roasted tobacco notes with aromatic tea
    • Mellow Tobacco – Mellow tobacco notes with citrus undertone
    • Red Berry Fusion – Mix of berries for full-bodied flavor
    • Passion Fruit Zest – Sweet and sour fruit notes with passion fruit aroma
    • Cool Peppermint – Peppermint notes with balanced refreshing flavour
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