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New Zealand's first IQOS store opens

Auckland’s iconic Karangahape Road, known as K’Rd was once plagued with a dubious reputation for years, but the central city precinct has blossomed into one of the trendiest spots in Auckland full of colourful characters from all walks of life. Nestled halfway along the road is St Kevin’s arcade, it's a space where you come to browse vintage bookstores & homewares, a non-profit art exhibition or grab a coffee and enjoy a view of the city skyline across Myers Park. The arcade opened in 1924 and has new options popping up every month to join the businesses that have helped nurture the diverse and lively culture you can experience there and is now home to New Zealand’s first pop-up IQOS store.

Bustling with a mix of bohemian diversity, real estate agents and students, St Kevin’s arcade attracts a range of customers looking for anything from eateries and homewares and hosts arguably the best Lebanese restaurant in town, Gemmayze Street. The new IQOS store is conveniently located near the centre of the arcade catering for smokers or vapers wanting to switch to a better option.

What is IQOS?

Haven’t heard of IQOS before? The team at IQOS are there to help you understand exactly how IQOS works, and why it might be a good option for you or a loved one are wanting to give up cigarettes and make the switch to a less harmful product.

Call in for an IQOS deep clean

One aspect we really take pride in is our customer care. If you think it’s time for a thorough clean of your IQOS heat not burn device, just call in – no need to make an appointment. The reason for having this occasional deep clean is to keep the state-of-the-art heating blade inside your IQOS in excellent condition for the best possible flavour experience. We always recommend that you carefully clean the blade yourself regularly. If you’ve run out of cleaning sticks, do ask for a pack of complimentary IQOS cleaning sticks at the time

Stop by for a coffee

Call in to see us and the coffee is on us! Feel free to browse our IQOS accessories while enjoying a coffee (or glass of water if you prefer) and take the opportunity to ask any questions about switching from smoking cigarettes to using IQOS heated tobacco.

Experiencing a problem with your IQOS?

Don’t worry – if your device stops working within its warranty period, we'll send you a new one, free of charge. And even if you accidentally damage or break your IQOS, we’ll replace it as part of our IQOS Care Plus service.

Flying out on business?

Do you seem to spend half your week in and out of Auckland on business trips? You’ll be glad to know that we offer international assistance with a dedicated helpline for advice and support.

Need some advice?

Curious to know the difference between vaping vs IQOS? The highly trained experts at our St Kevin’s Arcade IQOS shop are on hand to answer all your questions.

Try IQOS for 14 days

Provided you’re over 18 and a smoker or vaper, you can try IQOS at home with a 14-Day Trial. Want to know more about IQOS or ask about the IQOS 14 Day Trial? Please get in touch by phone or else via Facebook, Twitter or LiveChat on our IQOS website, or call in to our new IQOS St Kevin’s Arcade store, we look forward to seeing you!

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