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What is the IQOS app?

Unlock the possibilities of your device.


Pair your device with the IQOS app to start your digital companion on your full conversion from cigarettes to IQOS, viewing usage information and access all your device functionalities.


Personalise your IQOS experience through connected features.


Learn about the world of IQOS VEEV and how to use your device.

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A woman reclines on a day bed while looking at her mobile phone.

What is the IQOS app?

The IQOS App is a digital companion to adult smokers or users of nicotine products, available on Android mobile devices.

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Woman using her laptop.

What is the IQOS desktop app?

The IQOS desktop app is an application specifically designed for desktops and laptops, and is available for Windows and Mac. You can connect your IQOS VEEV device to the IQOS desktop app with a USB cable. The IQOS desktop app is the perfect alternative to Bluetooth® connection.

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A smiling woman holding a mobile phone stting next to a gold IQOS VEEV.

What is the IQOS web app?

The IQOS web app is a platform available for iOS mobile phones. You can connect your IQOS VEEV device to the IQOS web app through Bluetooth® connection. As the standard browsers on iOS devices do not support the IQOS web app, you will need to download the Bluefy Bluetooth® browser from the App Store to connect to the web app.

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