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GIVE $20, GET $20

Help your friends* leave smoke behind.


*Your friend must be a smoker or vaper over the age of 18

One of the best things you could do to look out for someone* you care about, is help them give up smoking and switch to a better alternative - just like you did

How it works
You Share

Invite your friends and family* by filling in the form below and we’ll send them an email for you – it’s easy!

They Buy

They’ll get an exclusive discount on their first IQOS device.

You Get

A $20 MTA voucher if they purchase an IQOS 3 DUO / IQOS 3 MULTI.
A $10 MTA voucher if they purchase an IQOS VEEV.

*Your friends and family must be smokers/vapers above the age of 18.
*Must be smokers or vapers above the age of 18

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This site contains information on a product containing tobacco and is reserved for smokers over 18 years old residing in New Zealand.
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