IQOS VEEV vape pods – which vape flavour is right for you?

IQOS VEEV vape pods – which vape flavour is right for you?

Expertly crafted flavours made for IQOS VEEV. Find out which vape flavour is right for you?

The electronic cigarette and vaping landscape in New Zealand recently changed. A new amendment to the smoke-free law means that smokers who can’t quit cigarettes can legally access less harmful alternatives to smoking. If you are looking for a smoke-free product that is less harmful than smoking cigarettes, then read on to find out why IQOS VEEV could be the right choice for you.

What is the IQOS VEEV vape device?

The IQOS VEEV is a type of vaporizer or e-cigarette designed to avoid the consumer experiencing a burnt taste that can occur in other devices. What makes it one of the best vaporizers around? IQOS VEEV is made from aluminium instead of plastic and built to last. To prevent the burning taste caused by vape and electronic cigarettes overheating the liquid, IQOS VEEV will automatically shut off when the e-liquid is low to prevent burning.

The flavoured pods made for use with IQOS VEEV have been designed with your safety in mind and has a closed system to prevent tampering or dangerous alterations to the e-liquid

IQOS VEEV vape starter kits come with your choice of flavour pods, the device and a USB-C charging cable.

IQOS VEEV is our most technologically advanced vaping device delivering a consistent taste every time. With a compact and ergonomic design, it’s simple to use, just swap flavours on the go and enjoy.

Which VEEV pod is right for you?

Currently available for sale in New Zealand there are four flavours to choose from including Classic Auburn, Classic Blond, Classic Mint and Green Mix.
  • Classic Auburn is a rich and silky flavour that combines tobacco aromas with silky nutty notes infused with warm flavours.
  • Classic Blond has a bright and floral flavour with a subtle combination of tobacco aromas with discrete undertones of floral notes.
  • Classic Mint is a refreshing and creamy pod that has a flavourful composition of cooling menthol with peppermint balanced with creamy nuances.
  • Green Mix is our herbal and creamy flavoured pod with an elegant mix of cooling menthol and herbal notes that balance out the subtle creaminess.
In New Zealand, IQOS VEEV pods have nicotine levels of 18mg/ml or 1.6% each. Remember, unlike many other pods on the market IQOS VEEV pods have a closed system which means no other ingredients can be added to the e-liquid.

Where can you buy IQOS VEEV and vape pods?

IQOS VEEV and VEEV pods are available for purchase both online and instore. If you would like to purchase online, visit our IQOS website. If you would like the full IQOS experience, visit us at our IQOS store in Newmarket where one of our staff will take you through an IQOS guided trial. In-store you can also see our IQOS science machine in action, and we will treat you to a free coffee, or water if coffee is not your cup of tea.

Don’t live in Auckland? You can also buy from selected vape stores and outlets across the country, including BP Connect, Urban Vape and Hawkes Bay Vapour.

Use our online store locator to find the nearest outlet to you.

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