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IQOS VEEV Auto Delivery – Vape pod subscription NZ

What is Auto Delivery?

Auto-Delivery is a new subscription service that offers you the ease of having your IQOS VEEV pods delivered to you automatically and regularly. You can choose to have them delivered either fortnightly or monthly. By selecting one of our three plans that best suits your lifestyle, VEEV Auto-Delivery is an effortless vape pod subscription that delivers flavoured pods of your choice to your door anywhere in NZ. You can make changes to your plan or cancel your vape pod delivery anytime by signing up via our website, or visiting our vape shop. What’s even better is you automatically get a discount by signing up to one of our Auto-Delivery plans.

What is IQOS VEEV?

IQOS VEEV is our most advanced vaping device that delivers taste consistency every time. It features the unique IQOS VEEV MESH heating technology designed in Switzerland and backed by more than six years of rigorous scientific research and development.

This vape technology enables you to customise your vaping experience through the IQOS app. You can enhance your vape experience with our unique on-demand feature, the responsive draw, which adds subtle vibrations when you inahale.

IQOS VEEV is easy to use. There’s no refilling, no mess, and no lingering flavour aftertaste when you switch from one pod to another. Currently available for sale in New Zealand there are four flavours to choose from including Classic Auburn, Classic Blond, Classic Mint and Green Mix.

In New Zealand, IQOS VEEV pods are available in 1.6% (18mg/ml) strengths. For added security, IQOS VEEV pods are closed system and tamper proof which means no other ingredients can be added to the e-liquid.

Benefits of Auto Delivery

There are extra benefits for opting into our hassle-free vape pod subscription, like saving up to 25% and enjoying exclusive offers, plus free standard delivery. The set up is easy and only has to be done once with an option to cancel anytime. Once you’re set-up, lets us do the rest. We deliver it to you. Simply tell us where, when, and how often.

How do I sign up for Auto Delivery?

First, go to our IQOS website and choose from one of our vape pod delivery plans that suits you best. We offer 3 different plans for you to choose from, Casual, Regular or Build Your Own. Next, set up your plan with VEEV flavours, delivery frequency, and how many pods you’d like delivered with each order. Lastly, add your plan to your shopping cart then go through the checkout process to finish setting up your Auto-Delivery plan.

Details of Auto Delivery

The IQOS VEEV Auto-Delivery price discounts depend on the plan you choose.

Casual Plan: 20% discount for 5 pods per fortnight or 10 pods per month.

Regular Plan: 25% discount for 10 pods per fortnight or 20 pods per month.

Build Your Own plan: Standard retail prices apply.

You can choose to have the pods delivered either fortnightly or monthly. Fortnightly is defined as every 14 days, and monthly is defined as every 30 days (approximate based on month).

If you want to change your plan, simply login to your profile online, hit the unsubscribe button to cancel your current plan, and subscribe to your new plan.

And if you change your mind about Auto-Delivery, you can cancel any time. Sign in to your profile on the IQOS website and select “Cancel Auto Delivery” within the Auto-Delivery plan section. You’ll need to do this 24 hours before the next order is scheduled for the cancellation to take effect.

Sign up for your VEEV Pod subscription today by visiting our IQOS website, or visit our friendly customer service team at our IQOS store in Auckland to choose the right vape for you.

IQOS contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. No sale to persons under the age of 18.