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IQOS store now open in Newmarket boutique central
IQOS store now open in Newmarket boutique central

IQOS store now open in Newmarket boutique central

IQOS store now open in Newmarket boutique central

You have plenty to shop for at our newest IQOS store on 215 Broadway, Newmarket in Auckland. Here’s what you can expect when you visit us instore as you look for a smoke-free alternative that best suits you and your needs.

How is the IQOS store different to all other vape shops?

It’s much more than just another vape shop, our IQOS store is home to break-through technology that needs to be experienced first-hand. Watch as our science machine demonstrates the science behind IQOS and how it compares to smoking a cigarette. Only instore can our representatives give you a guided demonstration and/or a guided trial of IQOS. With a range of accessories to tailor IQOS to your preferences, the staff can introduce you to IQOS customisation, and help you register so you can access our IQOS Care-Plus warranty and support services.

Call in for a free IQOS deep clean

Keeping your device clean and in good condition is the best way to experience IQOS. We recommend cleaning the device regularly, but don’t hesitate to call in and ask one of our staff to give it a thorough clean – for free. No need to make an appointment. Frequent deep-cleaning will ensure the gold-platinum heating blade in the device operates at an optimum level giving you the best possible experience.

Stop by for a coffee

Feel like a coffee break after all the shopping? Come and chat with our friendly staff who will tell you all you need to know about IQOS while you’re enjoying a hot cuppa. We’re here to help answer any of your questions, while you browse our range of accessories. The coffee is on us. Fresh water is on-hand too if coffee isn’t your cup of tea.

Experiencing a problem with your IQOS? Let us help

Has your device stopped working? Did you accidentally break it? That’s ok if you’ve registered your device. IQOS Care-Plus warranty will cover the damage and we can replace it with a brand new one without any charge.

Getting ready to socialise again? Where can you safely use IQOS?

Even though less harmful alternatives like IQOS are different from cigarettes, there are still some places where you cannot use IQOS. Public transport services in New Zealand don’t allow vaping or e-cigarettes to be used on-board, including in the restrooms. The laws around vaping are currently under review, so most businesses, building owners and local councils are currently making policies around vaping themselves. We recommend checking to see what the rules are around vaping if you are unsure.

The Smoke-free Environments Act 1990 has been amended to ban vaping in cars when there are passengers under the age of 18 inside the vehicle, whether the car is parked or moving. It is illegal to smoke cigarettes when there are minors in the car. At present, there is no law banning vaping in cars whilst alone, or with passengers 18 years of age or over.

Need some advice?

Taking in all this information about technology, and the science behind our smoke-free products can be overwhelming. That’s why our in-store staff have been trained as IQOS experts and are there to answer any questions you have about our devices, vaping, and e-cigarettes. Don’t have time to call in? You can talk to one of our Customer Care Team members via our online LiveChat or get assistance over the phone

Where else can I buy IQOS?

If you cannot reach our store, our IQOS online shop is available 24/7 for purchasing IQOS products. Instore, one of our friendly retail assistants can help choose the best device for your needs, and you can learn more about our innovative technology by asking for a demonstration of the IQOS science machine. Alternatively, you can pop into one of our partners’ stores; BP, Shosha, Urban Vape or Hawkes Bay Vapour, or visit their website.

How can I try IQOS?

We recommend coming in-store to try IQOS so one of our staff can guide you through how to use IQOS. You can find our IQOS store at 215 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland 1023. We are open every day except public holidays. Alternatively, you can trial the IQOS device for 14-days in the convenience of your own home. Then, you decide to keep it, or return it, no obligation.

IQOS contains nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance. No sale to persons under the age of 18.