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What are tobacco sticks?
Tobacco sticks consists of three parts; the first component is high-quality compressed tobacco surrounded in aluminium foil. The second component is a hollow cylinder that channels the vapour flow. The third component of the tobacco stick is the biodegradable polymer filter. The polymer is made of sugar starch and is especially designed for use in the tobacco sticks, and cools the tobacco vapour to a suitable temperature.
Are tobacco sticks the same as a cigarette?
No. Our tobacco sticks have been specially developed for use with IQOS and contain compressed tobacco that can only be heated, not burned. This also affects the tobacco flavour of the tobacco stick. The duration of the average smoking experience however, is similar to that of a cigarette. Our tobacco sticks consist of a specially selected tobacco mixture that endeavours to match the expectations of adult smokers with respect to taste as closely as possible.
How many times can I puff on a tobacco stick?
IQOS was designed in such a way that a tobacco stick is heated for approximately the same time and for the same number of puffs as a cigarette, but without burning the tobacco. A tobacco stick should last for about 14-puffs or 6-minutes, whichever comes first.
Do the tobacco sticks contain nicotine?
Yes, the tobacco sticks contain nicotine, which is addictive. Nicotine is a natural part of the tobacco plant and is released in the vapour created when using the IQOS.
Can the tobacco sticks be ignited with a match or lighter?
No, the tobacco sticks should not be ignited with a match or lighter under any circumstances and are not designed to be smoked. Tobacco sticks should only be used with the IQOS Holder. Cigarettes cannot be used with the IQOS Holder.
Why are the tobacco sticks damp after use and why does the paper around the tobacco become brown?
The paper around the tobacco in the tobacco sticks does not burn, but it is normal for the paper to change colour and become damp when the tobacco is heated. This is normal and is a product of some of the vapour condensing on the paper.
If only part of a tobacco stick is used, can I take it out and use the rest later?
No, our tobacco sticks are not designed to be used multiple times. If your experience is interrupted and you cannot finish your stick, we recommend using a new one to avoid damaging your device.
Can I use a standard cigarette in the IQOS holder?
No. Cigarettes cannot be used in the IQOS Holder. The IQOS Holder was developed exclusively for use with our patented tobacco sticks.
Why can't I insert the tobacco stick into the Holder correctly?
If you have trouble inserting the tobacco stick, check to see if any tobacco from a previously used tobacco stick is stuck inside the cap. In this case, remove the tobacco residue using an IQOS Cleaner. A toothpick or paperclip can also help remove tobacco from the cap.
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